Dexron Vi Bob Is The Oil Guy

Dexron II Improved GM formula with better viscosity control and additional oxidation inhibitors. Threads 38K Messages 504K.

Castrol Dexron 2 Transmission Fluid

For comparison the VI for Dexron regardless of type is only about 200.

Dexron vi bob is the oil guy. My Walmart has no type V which Im leaning towards to as the correct one so if thats it Ill buy it from the autoparts store. Dexron IIE GM fluid for electronic transmissions. Transmission oils sheet 23541 Dexron VI for AHSC Hybrid.

Transmission oils sheet 23572. Threads 38K Messages 504K. The engine oils are suitable for use with retarders.

New posts Search forums. The major improvement was in the area of low temperature viscosity. Can be used in place of Dexron.

Chrysler 7176 For Chrysler FWD transaxles. Chrysler 3 and 4 except C-604 transmissions DEXRON II E F DEXRON III G H DEXRON VI. Dexron III and IIIHOE ATF at GM for many years and widely adopted by other manufacturers.

Both of these items are licensed Dexron VI products. However the bottom line one needs to know in running this fluid is that it carries GM approval for Dex 6 oil and will not cause any warranty issues for any transmission that specifies Dex 6 transmission oil. DW 1 flash point is lower than several cheap dino and other ATFs.

Z4 1 and 3 series with dual clutch GS7D36SG GLS BMW part number 83 22 2 148 578 Available from dealer 2011. Mazda FL-22 options. You can use Dextron VI no problem It is backwards compatible IE.

The difference between Dexron II and IIE was mostly in the oxidation inhibitors. It can work with any system that calls for Dextron Dextron II or Dextron III-Karl. The USA bottle does not say synthetic.

DEXRON VI is considerably better than DEXRON III that came before it. Bob Is The Oil Guy. This process removed some of the nitrogen and sulfur containing molecules but was not severe enough to remove a significant amount of aromatic molecules.

With dexron VI that is a license from GM that oil blenders and rebranders pay for to GM saying there oil meets dexron VI specifications stated by GM and which GM provides warranty against. Since then the specification has again changed and is now H. Super Tech MERCON V Automatic Transmission Fluid 1 Quart.

The ACDelco 10-9395 Dexron VI Automatic Transmission Fluid comes at a reasonable price despite its efficiency and versatility. Dex-Cool G-05 G-12 Green Red Yellow and Orangeits all here. The Canadian bottle does.

I assume it is premium fluid. The VI of the new MIL-H-5606H is now above 370 surpassing LHM. This means that you can use the ACDelco 10-9395 Dexron VI Automatic Transmission Fluid as a replacement fluid.

Additional product benefits include. For example the AC Delco product that is currently 2344 for a gallon container at Amazon 586 per quart the exact same item with a GM part number is 3469 is just as good as the Havoline which is currently 4699 for a case of 12 quarts 392 per quart at Amazon. Dexron Dexron II IID and Dexron IIEthese are the original GM Dexron ATFs and are no longer licensed by the company having been superseded by Dexron III which has now itself been superseded by Dexron VI.

New posts New media New media comments New profile posts Latest activity. Transmission oils sheet 23571 For automated manual transmission smart model 450 452. Heres what Super Tech says about their Mercon V and suitable for use.

Moreover Chevrons Havoline Full Synthetic Multi-vehicle ATF Fluid is a genuine DEXRON VI fluid meeting General Motors DEXRONĂ‚-VI specification GMN10060 license number J-62300 according to Chevron. General Motors nowconsiders all of them to be obsolete and discontinued licensing Dexron. PalmerWMD wroteGroup I.

Valvoline DEXRON -VI ATF is an automatic transmission fluid that can be used in new and old GM transmissions is fully backward serviceable and can be used wherever DEXRON -II andor DEXRON-III are recommended. 3 series with GA6L45R AF6 DEXRON VI MaxLife ATF DEXRON VI Chrysler Dodge Plymouth All vehicles except as noted AP4 ATF 4 Valvoline ATF 4 1999 and earlier Caravan Town Country Voyager AP3 ATF 3. New media New comments Search media.

Yes new DEXRON-VI is much thinner than new DEXRON-III was but it is also much more shear stable so although the new DEXRON-VI is thinner KV100C 60 cSt it will remain above 50 cSt wheras the majority of DEXRON-III fluids would shear down to about KV 100C. Provides consistent shift performance for new and old GM transmissions. The VI for LHM is over 350 while the older 5606F red oil was around 300.

MaxLife ATF DEXRON VI 2011. Use either flavor of DEX VI with confidence. This ATF has backward compatibility with the previous versions of the same brand.

Uses a unique combination of conventional base stocks and an advanced additive technology Meets the performance requirements of Ford automatic transmissions calling for MERCON V fluid Suitable for use where the following automatic transmission fluids are recommended. Ive searched all over the Web from the F53 forum Bobs the oil guy etc and can get no real concrete answers as to which fluid to use. Look on the bottle of dexron 6 and make sure it has a license then look it up to verify it.

The oils need not comply with the MB Specifications for Operating Fluids with regard to pour point. Valvoline makes a good quality Dexron 6 synthetic oil. The switch from Honda ATF Z1 to DW-1.

Hydrotreating is a process for adding hydrogen to the base oil at elevated temperatures in the presence of catalyst to stabilize the most reactive components in the base oil improve color and increase the useful life of the base oil. Dexron III Replaces Dexron IIE and adds improved oxidation and corrosion control in GM electronic automatics. There is a lot of discussion on the forums like Bob is the Oil Guy as to the level of synthetic that this fluid really is.

– Bob Is The Oil Guy But is DW 1 really synthetic. Traditonal refined lube stockGroup II. Searching around I am only seeing good reviews particularly amongst the oil-OCD Bob is the Oil Guy crowd.

Flash point of DW 1. Well refined oil tighter fractions achieved with some chemical functional goups modifed invloving more refining steps originally came about as a method by which refineries could utilize less desirable fractions for lubrication oilsBetter heat resistance than group I but less inherent detergency than group IThey have much in common.

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Valvoline Dexron Vi Mercon Lv Atf Full Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid 1 Ga Amazon In Car Motorbike

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Castrol Dexron 2 Transmission Fluid

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Acdelco Dexron Vi Different Part Numbers Bob Is The Oil Guy

Valvoline Dexron Vi Full Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid 1 Quart Case Of 6 822405 6pk Amazon In Car Motorbike

Castrol Dexron 2 Transmission Fluid

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