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The oil change is not the sole consideration. And they are ranked in the order of their Load Carrying CapacityFilm Strength values.

Do Fuel Additives Actually Increase Performance Or Are They Just A Waste Of Money

It fills cylinder imperfections with soft metals.

Engine restore – bob is the oil guy. Castrols top of the line 100 Edge motor oil comes in the gold bottle. Hydrotreating is a process for adding hydrogen to the base oil at elevated temperatures in the presence of catalyst to stabilize the most reactive components in the base oil improve color and increase the useful life of the base oil. RESTORE is suitable for any engine whether petrol diesel dual-fuelled or lpg and is safe to use in turbo-charged engines and vehicles with catalytic converters as it does not enter the combustion cycle.

This gas mileage improvement eases the CAFE fines slightly. In other words if an engine gets 30 MPG using 5W-30 then it will get 3015 MPG using 5W-20. RED LINE 15W40 Diesel Oil synthetic API CJ-4CI-4 PLUSCI-4CFCH-4CF-4SMSLSHEO-O.

It also absorbs heat generated by engine and hence plays crucial role. Engine oil analysis is a process that involves a sample of engine oil whether virgin or used and analyzing it for various properties and materials in order to monitor wear metals and contamination. Check the – Bob is the Oil Guy websites forums for the Virgin Oil Analysis over the 50 pages of lab report postings for the diesel motor oils and you can see their reasonably consistent zddp levels.

High mileage oils contain additives and seal enhancers that reduce leaks both internal and external. 5W-20 DOES NOT PROTECT BETTER THAN 5W-30. Ensure the specified motor oil and oil filter are actually installed.

Threads 598K Messages 12M. Threads 598K Messages 12M. Heat is generated out of friction that again leads to high wear and damages the moving engine parts after a certain period.

Bob the bias oil guy posts on his site Unlike most private motor oil web sites Bob Is The Oil Guy is not about selling you something. BG EPR is liquid gold when it comes to engine. Motor oil needs replacement after a particular time interval as mentioned in the owners manual for effective performance of the engine.

These experimenters later found that the esters of vegetable or animal esters could be synthesized and produced from alcohols and acids of basic chemical compounds. It helps raise compression and reduce oil consumption. Load Carrying CapacityFilm Strength 85663 psi.

When to Use High Mileage Oil. Top 10 Best Synthetic Oil Products You Can Buy The best synthetic oils offer more mileage keep the engine cleaner perform equally well in low and high temperatures and protect your engine by. When I was a field service tech I changed hundreds of filters yearly ranging from Fram to Wix to Baldwin to Kralinator to Mann.

The Wear Protection reference categories are. The main function of engine oil is to diminish metal-to-metal contact thereby reducing friction and wear. Over 105000 psi INCREDIBLE wear protection.

RESTORE is a SAE-30 high performance motor oil containing billions of micro-particles of the proprietary formula CSL Copper 60 Lead 40 Silver trace in suspension. Here are the 12 Diesel Oils that were tested. Its possible that after an oil change or two the leaking could stop.

Would you use 0W30 instead of 0W20. 0W40 and 5W30 Pennzoil Ultra 0W40 5W30 and 0W30 Mobil 1 0W40 5W30 and 0W30 Castrol Edge with Syntec in the black bottle NOTE. Early experimenters found that the ability of animal or vegetable fats and acids strengthened the tenacity of the oil films when incorporated in lubricating oils.

So I tested the following motor oils. Its about educating you so you can make informed decisions about the life blood of your engine. BOB IS THE OIL GUY Top.

Motor oil creates thing film between two adjacent components of the engine and hence enable friction less surrounding to the engine components. Specify a quality brand that satisfies the API motor oil service specification and viscosity grade. BG EPR Engine Performance Restoration PN 109 reduces oil contamination by fuel and minimizes oil evaporation into the air intake which is a common problem in gasoline direct injection engines.

The oil also regulates the engines temperature. By analyzing a sample of used engine oil you can determine the wear rate and overall service condition of an engine along with spotting potential problems and imminent failure before it happens. This process removed some of the nitrogen and sulfur containing molecules but was not severe enough to remove a significant amount of aromatic molecules.

Heavy Duty Engine Oil HDEO – Diesel Vehicles. It is supposed to pass through the filter but the engine must be treated with the stuff at every oil change. What we call today as Group V lubricants.

Similarly you can look at the 50 pages of gasoline engine lab report postings and see how the zddp level has dropped as the oil ratings have. Disregard motor oil industry marketing bumpf. However motor oil doesnt last.

Can I leave BG EPR in my engine until my next oil change. RED LINE 15W40 Diesel Oil synthetic. Every single one of these comparisons and almost the entirety of the Bob is the Oil Guy site is nothing more than opinion based on visual appearance with no supporting engineering or testing evidence to back it up.

10000 Sample Study On Motor Oil Supports What Consumer Reports Concluded A Decade Ago As long as the oil weight and certifications match what. This has the potential to reduce oil spots in your driveway and on burning oil in older engines. 5W-20 improves gas mileage in engines as compared to 5W-30 to 05 on average.

Engine Oil removes sludge throughout the engine. In my view the best engine oil for your car is the one your owners manual recommends. Passenger Car Motor Oil PCMO – Gasoline Vehicles.

This results in more miles per tank and decreased tailpipe emissions. It reportedly works in oil burners and engines with low compression on their last leg.

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