Mata Kuliah ESP (English for Specific Purpose) Universitas Tanjungpura Pontianak

ESP for Forestry Faculty

Group 8


  • Saifullah F12112004
  • Ayu Wulandari
  • Ega Tiara


Title: Animal

Approach: Role play and brainstorming

Skill: Speaking and writing


  1. Teacher divides students into small group of 4.
  2. Teacher shows a slide about describing Flamingo bird.
  3. Every group finds another animal that they like and describe it without saying the name of the animals and another group will guest the animals’ name.
  4. Teacher asks students to describe wild animals in one paragraph and submit it in the next meeting.


Title: Forest

Approach: Cooperative learning

Skill: Reading and speaking


  1. Teacher divides student into small group.
  2. Teacher shows a story about mousedeer and crocodile.
  3. Teacher asks two students to come in front of the class to read dialogue from the story with the action.
  4. Teacher gives some question to the students.


Title: Global Warming

Approach: Brain Storming discussion

Skill: Listening


  1. Teacher asks students about global warming.
  2. Teacher shows two videos about global warming.
  3. Students discuss with their friends.
  4. Each student gives a conclusion from the videos.
  5. Teacher gives some question from what they watch.


Title: Go Green

Approach: Discussion

Skill: Listening and writing


  1. Teacher divides class into two groups, male groups and female groups.
  2. Teacher asks students to watch then sing a song “Going Green”.
  3. Students write the messages of the song.
  4. Students share their experience about the activities that they have done according to the song.


Title: Parts of a Plant

Approach: Discussion

Skill: Listening


  1. Students watch a video “Parts of a Plant”
  2. Students write all parts of a plant and the function based on the video.
  3. Students present what they got in front of the class.
  4. Other students give some additions, comments, questions and suggestions.
  5. Teacher ask some students to give a conclusion.

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