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If we are born to die and we all die to live then whats the point of living life if life just contradicts Questions we all ask when we pick ourselves up off the floor and do the only thing we can do try again. Pick up the phone definition.

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But we dont have to be lonely tonight.

Pick up the phone lyrics meaning. Surprise surprise surprise theres still nobody home. A public telephone that takes coins or phonecard payment for each call made. Pay phone or phone booth noun.

But I got nowhere to fly to. I just cant pick up the phone again This time Ill be on my own my friend One more time Im all alone again Sex with you is like Im dreaming and I just wanna hear you scream again Now youre gone I cant believe that Time I spent with you deceiving me I dont care if you believe in me I still wonder why youre leaving me I dont care if you believe me. For some reason his death really really took a toll on me and Emerson.

Ooh babe when I pick up the phone. To increase or improve. I truly believe that the reason Im here.

Well I apologize about last night. Ive got a pair of Gohills boots. Ima pull up and murk too Hittin the block and Im bleedin Throwing that Rollie on you I like the way it be freezin Brrrrr Pick up the phone baby Like brrrrr I know youre home baby Its lit Im in the zone baby Straight up I just poured up a four baby Yeah yeah.

Remington Leith told about it I wrote it right after I heard about his passing. She was beginning to ignore him after he had said things that he wish he could take backA. I just wanna hold you til the heartbreaks gone.

Pick up the phone show me it was real Pick up the phone show me it was real Pick up the phone show me it was real Pick up the phone Verse 1. My OpinionAnd in the daylight we can hitchhike to Maine I hope that someday Ill see without these frames And in the daylight I dont pick up my phone Cause in the daylight anywhere feels like home I have five clocks in my life And only one has the time right Ill just unplug it for today Ill just unplug it for today the spontaneuous chance taking who-gives-a-fuck tone delivered in those lines literally makes. Pick up the phone.

About Pick Up the Phone This song is about a girl that Ronnie had fallen in love with. To increase or improve. And Ive got a strong urge to fly.

Life is what you make of it if you have lost yourself it is up to you to find your way again. Whatever you need I can be boy just call me hear me up in a ranch hoping Ill be next to you next to you. Dont be his friend.

When the sun comes up we can both move on. To answer a landline phone by. The song is a really dark ballad thing.

Got a grand piano to prop up my mortal remains. Youre my angel until you spread your wingsyoure my angelangelyou are the one how took me up time that I was down in my Luck then I forget the lyrics youre my angel so. Im looking for a song.

That taste that touch the fire I miss. I know we shouldnt but I dont care I dont wanna be right I dont wanna be strong. Ive got wild staring eyes.

To make a phone call to someone. You better be alone. Then Maria slowly picked it up.

Yeah always got it on me baby automatic yeahWhere Im at is static but it aint got traffic yeahPush up on me them boys make you do a backflipBalance on the beam yeah balance on the. Dont let him in uh-ooh Youll have to kick him out again again Three. To make a phone call to someone.

We dont have to be lonely tonight. Redeemer was written as a response to the death of Lil Peep. I really did not mean to disrespect you.

Pick up the phone baby Like brrrrr I know youre home baby Its lit Im in the zone baby Straight up I just poured up a four baby Yeah yeah Young Thug Pour up a four of that Actavis Lean like my mothafuckin granny did Super Bowl ring with big body Benz I stack it up now Im just better livin Got screws in my mouth Im just preppin it. Dont pick up the phone yeah You know hes only callin cause hes drunk and alone alone Two. But if I catch you with somebody else.

The phone rang and everybody stared at it. You know that I am gonna be upset. Ive got a silver spoon on a chain.

There arent many pay phones left these days. No Im not obsessed. Youre my angel so I keeping your place.

Youre my angel I wanna be all you need. To answer the phone. No ones picking up the phone Guess its me and me And this little masochist Shes ready to confess All the things that I never thought That she could feel and Hey Jupiter Nothings been the same So are you gay Are you blue Thought we both could use a friend To run to And I wouldnt have to be with you As something new Sometimes I breathe you in And I know you know And sometimes you take a.

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